Why use MyGTAP?

GTAP modelers who want single-country flexibility to represent data unique to their country, while maintaining the advantages of a global model, will find MyGTAP valuable.

Does MyGTAP maintain the macro economic data, such as GDP and trade flows, from the GTAP database?

Yes. While users may bring their own data to split the regional household into multiple households, or split factors of production, these values must still add up to the data contained in the GTAP database. The MyGTAP Data Programs assures all data balance and will add up to the original GTAP database.

Where can I find data to split households and factors of production?

The easiest place to find data for splitting households and factors or production is a social accounting matrix (SAM) for a particular country. Determined users will likely want to obtain even more detailed data from a household survey. Ask local statistical agencies or search the web for resources.

Do I need a license to run MyGTAP?

Most users will want an appropriate license to the GTAP database.

A GEMPACK license will only be required for very large aggregations, or to run the MyGTAP model in RunGTAP. Even an introductory license to GEMPACK will relieve most size restriction. Users should check with GEMPACK regarding the type of license they will need. The type of license required will depend on the size of the aggregation and whether or not they wish to change the MyGTAP model or Data Tool.

Are there any trainings for MyGTAP?

Not at this time. The authors are currently developing online course material.