is a user based initiative to extend the Standard GTAP model to include new features and data, providing the means to analyze country level impacts of international trade policy on households and governments.


  • Multiple Households
  • User-defined factors of production
  • Foreign income, remittances, and AID
  • Enhanced government accounting


  • Household-level analysis of income and consumption
  • Distributional impacts of trade policies
  • Evaluation of food security initiatives
  • Analysis of food, energy and commodity shocks
  • Analysis of policy effects on government revenue
  • Analysis of policy impacts on detailed labor (employment and wages)


  • Based on the well-known GTAP Standard Model and Database
  • Maintains insights of a global model with the flexibility to include country specific-data
  • Model integrated into popular RunGTAP interface
  • Minimal startup time for experienced GTAP users
  • Numerous papers in press
  • Fully documented (English and French)
  • Free of charge